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We invite you to take our new national survey! We need the help of veterans, first responders, Gold Star families, foster families, pastors, missionaries, and widows. If you are one of these people, the information you provide will help us assess your needs and provide you and your family with the support you really need. This survey is unlike any other and will only take about 5 minutes of your time. You can also enter your name for a free drawing!

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To be the Nation’s leader in transforming people impacted by trauma or stress. To mitigate and prevent the secondary consequences of trauma and stress experienced by disabled and wounded veterans, first responders, Christian leaders, and community members through awareness, advocacy, and compassionate service.


Millions of Americans experience trauma or stress that bring many, often lasting, secondary consequences. Such consequences are experienced not only by the people traumatized, but also by their families. What’s worse, most of these are not getting the help they need and do not know where to find it. Society is generally unaware of the regularity and magnitude of the consequences, which include: physical health issues, strain on family relationships, financial struggles, isolation and loneliness, professional burnout, divorce, substance abuse, alcoholism, DUI, depression, despair, and suicide. Worsening national trends are creating urgent, society-wide needs. Significant gaps exist across our Country in bringing relief, education, support, and hope to such people and their families. Most private and governmental programs are limited to the periods of the traumatic event and recovery, such as a catastrophic accident, or later when the individual is in crisis, such as when they are divorced or suicidal. Those programs are also often times limited to medical and therapeutic assistance, leaving critical individual or family needs unaddressed.


Forward Free plans to establish seven life ranches in Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Virginia, California, Washington, and Colorado. Life Ranches provide an uncommon and exciting experience for people to find rest, recuperation, recreation, and respite. Life Ranches are the primary means for Forward Free to accomplish its mission, for preventing and mitigating the consequences of trauma and stress. Exceptional programs and services at its ranches will enable the guests to strengthen their marriage and family health, mental health, physical health, and spiritual health. With the seven life ranches, Forward Free aims to serve around 80,000 individuals annually to get away from their difficult surroundings and find comprehensive support in a wonderful but discreet setting. Forward Free will offer two weeks of stay free for individuals in need along with their loved ones to enjoy a peaceful environment for mental and physical soothing and to experience a wide range of education and counseling programs and services.

Forward Free’s slogan is “Compassion with Mission” which communicates our approach to charitable service to help individuals get through and beyond their trials. We will be a single source of programs and services to meet the depth and array of needs stemming from trauma and stress-related secondary consequences including: counseling, education, coaching, App delivered information, printed and online materials, local connections, mentoring, expert conferences, leadership forums, family support, physical health and wellness, nutrition, mental health therapy, music therapy, writing therapy, recreation therapy, adaptive sports, research and analysis, annual return, referral, and crisis support. These programs and services reflect our core 501(c)(3) charitable, religious, and educational purposes.


Three essential qualities describe Forward Free: comprehensive, faith-based, and national. These address our mission and vision and set us apart from any other organization.


Forward Free will provide comprehensive, life-changing care for millions. Unlike other organizations that target a select group of people, we focus on secondary consequences of trauma and stress experienced by a wide variety of people groups. We recognize that to be truly transformative in the lives of individuals and their families, Forward Free’s services must be inclusive: all secondary consequences; all aspects of wellbeing (physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual); and, for life.


Experts agree that trauma and stress affect the entire person, including their spiritual wellbeing. As a faith-based nonprofit, Forward Free will provide programs designed to address such things as marital difficulties, moral injury, and spiritual questions. We are motivated to unbind hurting people and set them free.


Forward Free will be fully resourced as a national organization with facilities, staff, programs, and capabilities to the scale required to meet growing needs. It will be accessible as the single source for all needs regarding secondary consequences through regional Life Ranches, subsidiaries, local and online help, and 24/7 assistance. Forward Free will also reach every major U.S. community through its mobile education teams.


If you’re one of the millions who have experienced severe stress or trauma, know that Forward Free is on a mission of compassion and hope, to help free you from the many debilitating consequences. But even more than this, we want you to truly go forward in life by living a life of mission. Some call it the intentional life. Some call it living with purpose, or responding to a higher calling. We call it mission, and God has a mission—just for you. There’s hope for living free of the consequences of stress and trauma. It is not “Mission Impossible.” With God, all things are possible. Walk with mission! And together, we can go forward free!


Our core values drive what we do as a charitable, religious, and educational organization. And, we understand that clearly communicating our purpose through our core values is important. The core values of leadership, trust, and service define Forward Free and its subsidiaries.


We are passionate about inspiring people to overcome the consequences of trauma and stress; we embrace the role of providing the leadership needed to guide individuals and families through their healing process.


We are committed to effective stewardship of all resources while providing and improving comprehensive services.


We seek to provide programs, services, processes, and methods that reflect the compassion, love, and grace of Jesus Christ.

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